Reflections on Kate, Katy and keeping it real

July 29th, 2013

I think it would have taken a hard heart not to be moved when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented their baby son to the world. For parents, it brought it all back – all that sense of hope combined with trepidation as to whether you can actually pull off the whole parenting thing.

I was hoping Kate would look real. It is not her job to do so but by appearing natural, she would be doing other mums a huge favour. I was delighted to see a curvy tummy and remembered what a shock it was to me that my tummy did not go back flat (as if mine ever was!) immediately after giving birth. One of my favourite pictures of Kate is a profile shot with that tummy in all its curvaceous glory.

Shortly after that, I saw the tweet from Katy Hill which was the first time that I became aware of OK magazine’s front cover.

I retweeted and was over the moon that so many others did the same thing.

Just a day after Kate gave birth – how insensitive of OK and sadly how typical an attack on women and how we “should” look. Talking about shrinking a stomach when they should be pointing out a baby’s beautiful first show home. Show home as in perfectly designed for its purpose and having a style all of its own.

Do you get fed up of the constant pressure to look a certain way?

It starts at school where only a certain sort of look will do. Wherever that message comes from, it results in people who don’t fit the brief experiencing bullying with life-long consequences all too often. Some who don’t fit are lost to us through suicide.

It also stops relationships happening between those who don’t meet the brief and those who do. That can have a huge and negative impact in social circles and in the workplace.

When we become mums, surely we have done something rather amazing. Isn’t this the time to celebrate rather than stress about not looking quite good enough? Also when we have a helpless newborn in our arms, should our focus be on our waistline or on nourishing that child in the best way we can?

When I had my first child, I had the curvy tummy, my hair went out of control and I don’t think my teeth were ever quite the same again. However, if you want to see the most beautiful picture of me, I think it is the one of me with my partner and new born son. Never will a smile like that appear on my face again. It’s a one-off very much like the one a bride has on her wedding day.

I set up Naked Mums hoping it would help get the message across that it is OK to be me and it is OK to be you, stretchmarks and all.

I salute the women who have appeared naked on this blog not only for their courage in revealing all in pictures but also in powerful words sharing their stories.

I am pleased Kate Middleton showed her post-pregnancy tummy to the world.

I love seeing Katy Hill living up to what I have grown to expect from her. Through her fame, she can really make people sit up, take notice and perhaps question their views.

She’s a brave woman because when you put your head above the parapet, some people will have a go at you. That only proves that we are expected not only to look a certain way but to think and feel a certain way too. Hello! We are individuals – deal with it!

Personally, I believe there is a conspiracy to keep women down because if you unleashed all that female power and skills base on the world, who knows what might happen?

Tell you what – let’s do it and see what happens.

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  1. Becky @ lakes single mum says:

    I never had flat tummy before baby ;-) poor Kate I’m sure she ignores this

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