The Meningitis Trust Toddle Waddle – Charity showcase

April 23rd, 2013

Thirteen years ago The Meningitis Trust set up an event called Toddle Waddle aimed at nurseries and playgroups looking after under 5’s.

The charity wanted to engage with families who had little ones to raise awareness of meningitis and the signs and symptoms to look out for. Babies, toddlers and young children under five are the most at risk group for meningitis.

Since then Toddle Waddle has gone from strength to strength, not only raising the vital funds the Meningitis Trust needs to continue the work it does but also raising awareness of meningitis for many families who now know what to look out for.

Why not request a specially designed pack which comes with posters, Monty hats, stickers, sponsor forms and

Check out Monty’s Action Zone with fun activities to do like colouring competitions; make your own Monty’s feet and the Monty song..

Toddle Waddles can take place in the park, in the nursery grounds, inside or use your imagination for a good place to get waddling.

Louie contracted meningitis when he was just a baby spending several weeks in hospital, losing both legs below the knee and several fingers on his left hand. With support and a financial grant from the Meningitis Trust the family were able to stay strong while Louie was in hospital and are now rebuilding their lives. With your help support for families through this scary disease and beyond can continue.

It’s not just about helping those who have been affected; it’s about trying to prevent such outcomes
as well. Louie’s mum knew what to look out for, and rushed him to hospital very quickly. He still
was given only a 50% chance of surviving.

Would you know the signs and symptoms to look out for? It’s not just a rash which could tell you your little one is poorly, especially is this often develops later if at all.

Have a look at the website if you want to check the signs, or download a free smart phone app.

For more information about holding a Toddle Waddle or to register for a pack including a card showing the signs and symptoms of the disease, then please email or call 0845 120 4530.

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