Naked on International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2013

Today we mark International Women’s Day.

I wish every woman would get behind acknowledging this day. It was great to see it trending on Twitter today but it still concerns me that many women don’t seem to pay any attention to it.

Once a year, are we not entitled to shout out loud about what makes women wonderful?

Here are what women have done for me on this very day.

Told me I have an impressive CV. Sometimes I really need to hear that.

Advised me to set a hour a day towards one of my ambitions so that it actually happens.

Supported me in my thinking regarding my son’s education.

Laughed with me in saucy ways.

Asked me about what I am up to and how I am feeling.

Remembered that I had a problem and enquired whether it was resolved.

Made me feel I make a difference to them.

Shared precious memories with me.

Asked me for help.

Agreed to get naked.

That is just in one day which shows just how amazing women are. They juggle so much and yet still find time to engage with and support others. I am lucky to have women in my life. So are you.

Or course, the sad truth is so much still needs to change for women. Too many remain threatened by violence in the home and on the streets. In the last year, we have all had to wake up to the very real incidence of sexual abuse against our girls. Women at home and abroad face terrible poverty and all manner of persecutions.

Please take a look at this website and find out more about International Women’s Day.

There is much to change and voices need to be used to make things better. Will you use yours?

3 Responses to “Naked on International Women’s Day”

  1. liska says:

    Happy Women’s Day lovely lady x

  2. So many great things today for you, here is to tomorrow…. Mich x

  3. shahnaz says:

    what a fab post…we are all wonderful x

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