You could be a naked mum!

The Naked Mum is a mum at her best who finds the confidence to share her thoughts and feelings openly.

The Naked Mum pushes boundaries whether imposed by herself or others in ways large and tiny to move forwards positively.

The Naked Mum demands fair play for mums in society.  She might whisper quietly or shout out loud often depending on the time of the month or where she is in life’s rollercoaster.

The Naked Mum does her best to help others when she can.

The Naked Mum may well take off her clothes to have a good time but knows she intends to have a fabulous time when fully dressed too.

Here’s to the Naked Mum!  It could be you!

14 Responses to “Home”

  1. We are a business that is run by 2 mum’s with 3 children each and a nanny who looks after 4 children. We are all very busy juggerling children and business but we are all so passionate about both, we also LOVE to play hard as well !!!

    Kind regards
    Faye, Lou and Sue xxx

  2. Rachel Wells says:

    love this idea! As an overweight, chaotically disorganised daydreamer I love any forum to chat, rant and generally have a larf without fear of bitchiness or censure. Bring it on.

  3. I am often guilty of not taking part often enough but I always love your initialtives to boost us Mums Kate. I’m right behind your new venture x

  4. Ooh I’m liking it here and subscribing. Very best of luck with your new venture Kate X

  5. Candace says:

    Hope its ok to join in?

    After a run of really bad years 2013 is going to be my year but i’m loosing my job in the next few weeks, single, overweight, down in the dumps, health issues got 2 kids (9 &10 both with disabilities – Aspergers and Juvenile Arthritis), 2 cats, 4 rabbits and 7 chickens along for the journey too. But i am managing to loose my Father! Bout time my brother took his turn; quite sure nothing in my Mothers will 6 years ago said I inherited him but it sure looks that way!

    Then there is the big 40!!!!!!! Just over 2 months, 72 days to be exact

    All means i’ m rushing head on to a mid life crisis. So what does any sane person do? Decide to move to the sea side, just a mere 106 miles away.

    Are you up all up to this or shall I just run for the hills?

    Let me know when you start but if you are unable to handle thd madness I full under stand.

    I am smiling when I write this honest and I look forward to supporting you all x

  6. I’m in. Great idea. My blog pretty much lays it bear but love a good conversation and writing posts is an indulgence for 1 sometimes :) Plus you never know how much detail people can take!

  7. This is brilliant Kate! I love the concept and the new blog design!x

  8. Oh this is fabulous Kate !!!!!! I’m so signing up!

  9. Natasha says:

    Balls I put my name not blog on the linky – anyhow lost 3lbs since xmas – my ever lasting journey is on the blog x

  10. A bit late to the party but I’m here now! I love this idea.

  11. Jaime Oliver says:

    It looks like dropped myself in it this week and told everyone about the chips! this week i hope things are more calm for you and less stressful x

  12. mammasaver says:

    Right – it’s been a while – Groovy Mums are now Naked?? I have a lot of catching up to do! It might take me a while but I will get there! Duly subscribed to email list so hope to join in soon!

    Great to see you thoroughly blooming, Kate! xx

  13. Love this idea and good on you for doing it!! I’m a business mum too.

  14. Becky @ lakes single mum says:

    Sounds a fab idea!

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